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Toraya-Honpo Co., Ltd.

Japanese Sweets-Making Experiences for Community Vitalization


In a Japanese sweets-making experience class, the charm and the culture of Japanese confectionery are passed to the next generation.

Toraya-Honpo Co., Ltd. is an old Japanese sweets maker in Fukuyama City that will celebrate its 400th anniversary soon. Besides making Japanese sweets, the confectionery shop is committed to inheriting the culture of traditional Japanese sweets and conducting educational activities through Japanese sweets-making experiences. Toraya has skilled (and older) confectioners visit remote islands and mountainous areas to hold Japanese sweets-making experience events and utilize the results of the events in its product development. Through this activity, it aims to pass on the culture of traditional Japanese sweets to young people and children, promote the employment of seniors, and vitalize the local community. They are also developing “look-alike sweets” as an initiative to keep the confectionery industry prosperous. One popular product is a cream puff that exactly looks like takoyaki. Like this example, they are also developing non-Japanese sweets, pursuing its motto “Sweets for Smiles on People’s Faces.” The confectioner is making each item of sweets meticulously every day for vitalization of the Japanese confectionery industry and the Setouchi area and people’s smiles.

SDG-oriented features

Toraya not only plays a role in sustaining the confectionery industry through Japanese sweets making but also provides ways and places to live better to a wide range of generations by passing skills and culture to them, creating employment opportunities and promoting communication with people in the community.

Toraya-Honpo Co., Ltd.
1-11-18 Akebono-cho, Fukuyama City

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