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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Maruei Co., Ltd.



Safe and Reliable Wall Paint Made from Hiroshima’s Oyster Shells


Wall paint made from oyster shells and paper cranes

Tasty oysters are a specialty of Hiroshima and are consumed prefecture-wide. After the shellfish meat is eaten, what will become of the oyster shells?
Maruei Co., Ltd. developed a wall paint made from oyster shells from Hiroshima. The oyster shells, after stored in the sea for a certain period, will be dried and pulverized as materials for animal feed, fertilizers or wall paints. In general, expertise of professional painters is needed for the handling of wall paints. However, non-professionals can easily handle this safe and reliable paint, which is made mainly of natural materials by recycling oyster shells that are usually treated as waste. Oyster shells also can detoxify harmful substances, such as formaldehyde, and have a moisture control function. This product helps everyone to easily obtain a safe and comfortable living environment.

SDG-oriented features

Oyster shells have traditionally been utilized to produce paint for Japanese paintings and kabuki stage paintings, and they are a very attractive material for wall paint. This initiative of recycling shells of oysters that are produced and consumed in Hiroshima Prefecture is truly sustainable. It is also a product unique to Hiroshima based on the concept of peace, made by adding paper cranes donated to the Peace Memorial Park.

Maruei Co., Ltd.
1-4-31 Tokaichi-machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City

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