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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Matsuda Seitai Co., Ltd.



Widely Sharing People’s Prayers for Peace in the Form of Products


Letter writing sets in the motif of Hiroshima’s specialties

Matsuda Seitai Co., Ltd. produces small envelopes and postcards using paper cranes donated to the Peace Memorial Park and Otake washi (Japanese paper) made in the prefecture. Approximately 10 million paper cranes are donated to the park every year. By recycling them as products, the company not only saves resources but also shares strong passion for peace with many people. In addition, the company has been engaged in Eco Action 21, Japan’s unique eco-management system formulated by the Ministry of the Environment, for nine years and has taken unique measures for environmental conservation, such as the reduction of use of electricity, gasoline and water. The company has achieved success in its initiative to reduce CO2 emission and is now considering implementing new initiatives. In developing its products and projects, the company focuses on both peace and the environment and plays an important role in sharing those concepts with many people through its products.

SDG-oriented features

Over 10 million paper cranes that have been donated to the Peace Memorial Park every year used to be discarded. The company felt that this was a shame, considering the wasted resources as well as the passion of people who folded the cranes with their prayers for peace. Utilization of the paper cranes as product materials is a perfect solution, with consideration to the environment and people’s prayers for peace.

Matsuda Seitai Co., Ltd.
21-2 Funairi-saiwaicho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City

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