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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Day Service Center Short Stay Megumi-en Hiro, Nishinihon Denko Co., Ltd.

Protect Health and Smiles in the Community

Staff members and users are having fun at the Christmas party

Nishinihon Denko Co., Ltd. has engaged in the businesses of designing and installation of electrical equipment. In 2003, in anticipation of the progress of the aging society, the company expanded into the nursing care business. Megumi-en Hiro is a daycare center that values the staff’s close communication with every user, taking advantage of its small size. It supports users to live longer in the community where they were born and raised. To prevent the decline of motor function of users while they are at the center, the daycare center actively provides functional training, rehabilitation, and dementia prevention activities. It also places emphasis on planning events. It holds various events for the users every month to make their stay at the center fun so that they can live with a sense of fulfillment, even as they get older. They hold traditional seasonal events and plan other unique events, such as a sushi party that starts from cleaning fish and a tempura party with a professional chef, to bring out smiles on the users’ faces and support their health.


SDG-oriented features

At the Center, the bright smiles of the staff and users were impressive. To the question “What do you think health is about?” one staff member replied, “I think it is about the health of the mind.” It was impressive that the staff promotes the health of users through fun events. Many photos are displayed in the corridor of the daycare center so that the users can always remember the fun events. Thoughtful care and consideration like this greatly benefit the promotion of the users’ health. The center is also actively working to improve the working conditions for female workers, who account for 90% of all staff. The center promotes gender equality and is committed to a more women-friendly work environment. It has improved the break room and strengthened its sick childcare program.

Day Service Center Short Stay Megumi-en Hiro, Nishinihon Denko Co., Ltd.
1-3-24 Hirooshingai, Kure City

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