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Manac Incorporated

Specialty Chemicals for Improvement and Development of Society

A device used by Manac for producing bromine from the early 1900s to around 1970

Have you ever thought about how many people were involved until the smartphone you are using was completed?
Manac Incorporated manufactures chemical intermediates used in a wide range of fields, including household appliances. The company provides health and well-being and a safe and comfortable living environment in daily life by manufacturing pharmaceutical intermediates, flame retardants, and other materials.
When you are using a smartphone, its body often becomes hot. But even if the smartphone or the body of the TV becomes hot, it does not ignite. This is thanks to Manac’s bromination technology. Manac’s flame retardants (additives that make things difficult to burn) are used when processing products.
The products that we are casually using are the result of people’s effort and technology, and they are thoughtfully designed to protect our health and safety. Through the manufacture of these products, Manac contributes to the promotion of people’s health and social development.


SDG-oriented features

Chemical intermediates are technologies that greatly affect safety and the environment and that are indispensable to our lives. Manac doesn’t make the direct products we usually see on the market but makes intermediates, materials that come between raw materials and finished goods. Intermediate raw materials are used in various fields and products and are invisible key players that firmly support our lives.

The plant that handles chemical products is located in Fukuyama, facing the Seto Inland Sea, which is less vulnerable to natural disasters, such as earthquakes and tsunami, for safety and environment protection.

Manac Incorporated
92 Minooki-cho, Fukuyama City

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