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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Eisho Fukushikai

Childcare to Nurture the Future and Work Style of Staff Members

Children at the childcare center had discussions and made and installed this used toothbrush collection box.

This certified childcare center operated by Eisho Fukushikai provides advanced preschool education and enlightening education for realizing a sustainable environment.
Children have access to quality infant development activities and care and preschool education. They learn from various experience-type activities, discussions, and presentations. The childcare center also utilizes ICT for education. Children are also working on recycling activities, such as reuse of domestic waste and a used toothbrush collection program.
Recently, the center has stopped the stereotypical view that boys should wear blue and girls should wear red. The children can now choose the color of their uniform regardless of gender. To develop the children into persons with individuality, not a conventional person who does everything by the book, the center focuses on activities that give initiatives to the children. It also holds a monthly open house, exhibits, and other events at the center to communicate the childcare and education provided at the center to parents and local residents.
How would you want to be cared for if you were a child? At what kind of childcare center would you like to have your child taken care of? The center aims to serve as a local childcare base, valuing these viewpoints.


SDG-oriented features

Eisho Fukushikai is committed not only to high-quality education but also to the way employees work. Since 90% of the staff at the childcare center are women, it is working to improve the working conditions for female workers and create an environment where they can continue to work after marriage or childbirth or while they are raising their children.
The center is committed to realizing a sustainable society through empowerment of women, childcare focusing on the needs of the next generation, connections with the community, and other activities in the processes, from organizational management to the caring of children.

Eisho Fukushikai
6-25-35 Nishihara, Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima City

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