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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Shinhiroshima Telecasting Co., Ltd.

Create the future together with the people of Hiroshima by providing reliable information

Shinhiroshima Telecasting Co., Ltd., or TSS-TV, was opened in 1975 in Hiroshima, and has been producing programs through which they can contribute to establishing a society with hope and peace. It is a TV station that delivers accurate information needed by people and respects the trust of local communities.

Observed live broadcasting of “Hiroshima Manten Mama”

Mission to fulfill for the local community amid the COVID-19 crisis

Interviewer:I guess the COVID-19 pandemic has affected your way of gathering information and program contents. How do you feel when interviewing and broadcasting?

Mr. YOKOGAWA :For information programs, we interview and report restaurants and stores that are working in accordance with the anti-coronavirus measures requested by the government, with the feeling of supporting their efforts so as not to cause infection. Initially, at the beginning of the pandemic, we refrained from reporting on restaurants. But now we deliver pleasant, positive information about them while paying sufficient attention to avoiding infection, with the hope of easing the burden of those who are suffering economically due to the slowdown of consumer activity. As a TV station, we place the highest priority on preventing infection. We therefore provide in our news programs and websites updates on infection, as well as details on the correct measures for prevention based on the information we have gathered.

A TV station can play a unique role

Interviewer:What is the role of TSS-TV in the commitment to the SDGs?

Mr. YOKOGAWA :The disastrous heavy rains in recent years and the COVID-19 pandemic have reminded us of the threat of climate change. I think our role as a TV station is to raise public awareness of the importance of the SDGs in relation to these problems, and to provide viewers with the correct information they want, such as information on disasters and infection. Also, to help ensure that children can have adequate education for the future, we have launched the “Wanpaku Daisakusen” fieldwork project for children, and the “Thank you for Zero” project to deliver a box with childcare items and goods to all families with newborns that have applied for the project.

Thank you very much for accepting our interview.

Have the world remember August 6 online

Interviewer: You also focus on SDG Goal 16 “Peace, justice and strong institutions.” Please explain in detail the initiative to deliver your programs to the world.

Mr. YOKOGAWA :We have prepared an online archive for the English version of our annual special program on August 6 featuring the atomic bombing and peace, and have organized live broadcasting of the peace memorial ceremony to show the ceremony to related persons who could not attend the ceremony this year, and also people all around the world. As A-bomb survivors are aging, it is our mission to preserve the voices of people who experienced the War for the realization of peace. We have adopted a media strategy to deliver reliable information that only a local TV station can provide to many people.

Shinhiroshima Telecasting Co., Ltd.

2-3-19 Deshio, Minami-ku, Hiroshima


Interview with

General Manager, Corporate Planning Department, Business Promotion Bureau:YOKOGAWA Yoshiharu

We conducted interviews!

NAGATA Minori(Yasuda Women’s University):Efforts to gain trust

MARUSHIGE Manami(Yasuda Women’s University):It is a company that respects trust.

Comment from editor

Before the interview, I was concerned about the trend away from television due to the prevalence of the Internet. I realized that the Internet requires users to proactively search for and select the information they need, while TV viewers are able to receive information passively. Because all the information is passively received, a TV station must always deliver correct information. It is their policy to establish trust with the viewers. I was very impressed with the efforts of many staff members involved in the TV program production, and their strategy to have their programs watched by as many viewers as possible.

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