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The “SATONOWA” Project—A Challenging Initiative (Totate Group)


The “SATONOWA” project—a challenging initiative

In 2016, in order to play a part in SDG 11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities,” Totate Group embarked on urban development in the Ushita-Waseda district. This marked the birth of “SATONOWA,” an area situated on a hill surrounded by lush greenery, yet close to the center of Hiroshima. The SATONOWA project does not end with the conventional business process of building and selling houses; rather, the company is continuously involved in the lives of the people who move there, thereby helping build a community where residents can live comfortably for years to come.


Totate Group’s SDGs Declaration

Creating an environment that encourages interactio

Renovating the Ushita-Waseda district, which used to be known as a bedroom community, also relates to resolving the problem of falling numbers of children and an aging population, which is becoming increasingly serious. By creating a new “town,” Totate is trying to bring young people into the area and revitalize the Ushita-Waseda district. The community house and footpath, which are among SATONOWA’s main attractions, provide a place for residents to interact with each other, allowing people of all ages to participate in the community, even in an age where relationships with neighbors are becoming increasingly scarce. By creating an environment that facilitates communication, Totate builds a town that is comfortable for all residents to live in, such as making it easier to ask for advice on parenting from senior citizens in the neighborhood.


Residents interacting at the community house

New community space

Through this interview, we realized that in order to achieve SDG 11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities,” it is important for all generations, from children to the elderly, to interact and support each other. By engaging in deeper exchanges with our neighbors, it is possible to create communities where people can continue to live comfortably with peace of mind for years to come. In such communities, for example, it will be easier for the residents to talk about minor daily problems or confirm others’ safety in the event of a disaster. At a time when there are fewer and fewer opportunities to interact with people of different generations, the SATONOWA project aims to achieve sustainable urban development by encouraging interaction between residents and providing a comfortable living environment, thereby connecting the current residents to the next generation and the generation after that.


Photo of the interview

We conducted interviews!

   OTA Mika (3rd year student, Yasuda Women’s University)

   KAMETANI Hinano (2nd year student, Yasuda Women’s University)

   ISHIKAWA Kana (1st year student, Yasuda Women’s University)

Totate Group

2-4-7 Kokutaijimachi Naka-Ku, Hiroshima



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