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The desire to provide for everyone (Domoto Co., Ltd.)


The desire to provide for everyone

Domoto Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells food products, including tsukudani (preserved food simmered in soy sauce), prepared dishes, confectionery, and retort pouch foods.
While offering a wide range of products, the company also contributes to the reduction of food waste using preservation technology acquired through its long experience.
In this era of population aging, the company’s “Omoiyari Domoto Bin” product line is widely used in hospitals and nursing homes. This is because it can be eaten even by those who have difficulty chewing and it can serve as a single meal item as soon as it is opened whether stored at room temperature or refrigerated. Currently, the company is working to enhance the Omoiyari Domoto Bin line and is also developing it for a wider range of people such as by making it suitable for baby food.


Omoiyari Domoto Bin prepared food

The basis of trust

Domoto aims to trade with producers at a fair price, allowing both parties to grow together through mutual cooperation. This helps to protect the producers and also builds good partnerships and a feeling of trust.
We realized that we, as consumers, are not the only ones to be provided with health and that the company can provide safe and secure products by protecting the health and welfare of producers and employees. That is why Domoto has been able to build up such a long history.


Talking with producers in Myanmar

Adapting ourselves to the times

Japan has set a goal of extending healthy life expectancy.
Domoto has been embracing various changes to keep up with the times.
We realized that given the aging society we live in, each of Domoto’s simple and delicious products supports human health and provides assistance to many people.
In addition, around the world, food waste is increasingly regarded as a serious problem. In this context, we felt that Domoto’s preservation technology is contributing to the reduction of food waste. Of course, it is important for producers to avoid generating food waste, but I think we as consumers also need to reconsider how we think about products and take actions that will not lead to food loss.


We conducted interviews!

   HARADA Yumeno (3rd year student, Yasuda Women’s University)

   NAKATSU Kurumi (3rd year student, Yasuda Women’s University)

   TAITO Moeka (2nd year student, Yasuda Women’s University)

Domoto Co., Ltd.

4-18-2 Tomochuo Asaminami-Ku, Hiroshima



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