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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Techseed Co., Ltd.

Rather than tear down and rebuild, we want to continue to use what we have in safety and comfort for many years to come


Create inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable cities and human habitats


Initiative details

Do you know how often buildings are rebuilt or demolished in Japan today?
The answer is about every 30 years. At present, buildings are torn down every time they are rebuilt, even though they can still be used if repairs are made.
This is partly due to the fact that in Japan, new buildings tend to be preferred over used ones, but if this situation continues, it will further fuel a society of mass production, mass consumption, and mass disposal.
Although we are considered a construction company, Techseed Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the building restoration business in Hiroshima for many years. Rather than building new buildings, we mainly assess and repair old buildings. With our three core services of (1) building survey and assessment, (2) building repair, and (3) building renovation, we are helping to create communities where people can live for many years to come while making effective use of existing resources and reducing environmental impact.
The first step is to investigate and assess whether an old building is still structurally sound or not. By making use of specialized equipment, as well as the meticulous skills and judgment of our surveyors, we are able to accurately assess the current situation and draw up the most suitable plan.
The results are then used as the basis for renovation and repair work to ensure a safe and comfortable home. Renovation and repair work includes large-scale repairs to repair deteriorated or defective sections of buildings and seismic reinforcement to improve the seismic performance of old buildings to modern standards.
In order to put the expertise we have built up in this work to full use, we have newly started a renovation business. Renovation refers to the process of making use of the basic structure (posts, beams, foundations, etc.) of the original house while changing the exterior, floor plan, water supply, etc. to suit the lifestyle of the people living there. As such, this is one option for building a house that will bring it closer to the customer’s vision while making use of the existing features. In 2008, we launched our renovation brand RE: FACTORY and have been helping many people enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle by making use of second-hand properties.
Techseed also uses a 30-year old building, which used to be a doctor’s clinic, as its head office after renovation and refurbishment.
By restoring old buildings in this way, Techseed aims to lessen the burden on the environment by reducing the depletion of precious resources brought about by mass production, mass consumption (= energy consumption), and mass disposal (= environmental pollution), which are major issues in the construction industry.


Building survey and assessment
Building repairs

Key Points

We believe that in order to achieve a sustainable society, rather than tearing things down and rebuilding, we should continue using what we have in safety and comfort for as long as possible. Through our building restoration business, we will continue working to create communities where people can live for many years to come while taking the environment into consideration.


Techseed Co., Ltd.

2-43-1 Hesakashinmachi HigashiーKu, Hiroshima



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