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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Nishi Nihon Facility KK

       Passing on a beautiful global environment to the future


7.2. Increase the share of renewable energy.
8.5. Achieve employment, decent work, and equal pay for equal work.
11.3. Enhance capacity for participatory, integrated and sustainable human settlement planning and management.
12.5. Reduce waste generation.
14.1. Prevent and reduce marine pollution.


This is who we are!

We are a company headquartered in Fukuyama City that mainly provides integrated building management services, and also offers environmental hygiene management, facility management, and security services. By striving to make effective use of limited resources through our operations, we preserve a beautiful global environment and pass it on to the future, and provide a better living environment for local communities in a sustainable manner.
In order to be the best partner to support our customers, we aim to be a “company that constantly seeks creation and challenges.”


Initiative details

Our goal is to improve the current environment and pass it on to the future.
In addition to our operations as a building management company, we aim to provide “safety” that can cover not only the building itself but also the people who live or work there as a whole, by such means as repairing the building to make it sustainable, or installing air-conditioning equipment to create a comfortable environment or firefighting equipment to ensure safety in the event of an emergency. We believe that these comprehensive initiatives will lead to the achievement of Goal 11: “Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.”
At the request of a local special-needs school, a leader of cleanup worker conducts on-site practical training to provide detailed guidance on know-how, such as the basics of cleanup activities, safety, hygiene measures, and their effects. This kind of support to help people find rewarding jobs leads not only to the contributions to the community, but also to an approach to the Goal 4, “Quality education.”


Guidance is being provided at a special-needs school.

Additionally, keeping in mind the Goal 12 “Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns,” we have been making continuous efforts, including actively introducing solar power generation in our company and reducing the amount of use of detergent as much as possible by adopting a strong alkaline ion generator. We have also promptly introduced EcoAction 21, an environmental management system unique to Japan, and have prepared and published an environmental management report, whereby all employees work together to carry out environmental conservation activities on a daily basis.
It is impossible to create a sustainable society and a better environment than the current one only by ourselves. We believe that it is meaningless unless we create them together with people of the community. To that end, we utilize our extensive network spanning Hyogo, Shimane, and Tokushima to make proposals to building owners with whom we have agreements on integrated building management, such as power savings by introducing equipment suitable for a carbon-neutral society, LED products, or solar power generation. As a result of these efforts, LED lighting has actually been introduced sequentially according to regular inspections and replacement times.
We will continue to aim to be a company that connects communities, the environment, and people and passes a baton to the future.


Our solar power generation monitoring monitor

Key Points

We recognize themes that can be addressed at the head office and each of our sites (branches and sales offices) and themes that can be addressed at each of our on-site offices (customers’ buildings) engaged in cleanup, equipment management, and security services. Also, we have appointed an environmental management manager at our Fukuyama head office, and at meetings of managers responsible for each on-site office, we regularly provide information and education to deepen understanding of initiatives as environmental contributions and of the SDGs.
We will also make proposals to building owners with whom we have agreements regarding measures to extend the number of years of durability, energy savings, and renewable energy, and work with them to conserve the environment.


Training is being provided at an on-site office where our employees are permanently stationed.

Nishi Nihon Facility KK

7-15-2 Higashi Fukatsu-cho, Fukuyama City



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