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Nishi Nihon Facility KK (Students’ report on the SDGs)


Everything for customers and the world to come

There is one such company that aims not only to improve the environment, but also to create a society where everyone can live in ways they like, as part of its SDGs initiatives. It is Nishi Nihon Facility located in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture. The company provides a variety of services, including integrated building management, environmental hygiene and facility management, and security. It puts its customers first with the motto of “solving problems on the spot and providing answers on the spot.” Nishi Nihon Facility, which can solve problems by itself without the need to ask different management companies, has developed into a company that can offer one-stop management as it carries out operations while materializing customers’ wishes in the process of building trusting relationships with customers.


The head office of Nishi Nihon Facility

The first step toward a comfortable working environment

Employees responsible for cleanup work provide on-site practical training to people with disabilities and support them in finding employment. The company has realized a workplace environment where employees complement each other and their individual characteristics can be optimized.
In addition, about 50% of the regular employees, who may be expected to be mostly male, are female. The company evaluates employees based on their abilities, and it is committed to being an organization where everyone can work equally, regardless of whether or not they have disabilities, and without any barriers between genders, or between regular employees and part-time workers.
We believe that if these initiatives can achieve a comfortable workplace for everyone, then they can also create a comfortable society for everyone to live in. We felt that the initiatives of Nishi Nihon Facility could be the first step in creating such a world.


Many people working together to carry out their work

As long as there are people, and as long as there are buildings...

Building maintenance, which is an essential work, is difficult to perform remotely and requires the work to be conducted on-site. The company’s future challenges include addressing the aging of its employees, including securing human resources, and creating an environment that makes it easier for young people to join the company. It is important to make full use of technology to reduce the burden on employees, and to promote the work that does not usually receive publicity so that people realize, “Our current lives are possible because of this company.”
In Japan, which is facing population decline, the number of buildings and structures that exist today is also expected to decrease. However, as long as there are people, buildings will not disappear. And as long as there are buildings, the building maintenance business will continue to be needed. We were able to see the strong desire of Nishi Nihon Facility to value its customers and continue to provide services that meet their individual needs.


Cleanup work in a hospital that cannot be conducted remotely

We conducted interviews!

YAMASAKI Shoko (1st year student, Eikei University of Hiroshima)

TAKAHASHI Yurika (3rd year student, Yasuda Women’s University)

Nishi Nihon Facility KK

7-15-2 Higashi Fukatsu-cho, Fukuyama City



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