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Toyo Plant Company (Students’ report on the SDGs)


A new step forward that began with a voice from the local community

Toyo Plant Company was initially established as Toyo Sharyo KK, and was mainly engaged in accessory installation on the body, maintenance, and repair of trucks. However, an event occurred that made them realize the new possibilities of the company. It was a request from a person living in the neighborhood of the company, who asked them to repair a broken water gate for agriculture. Since the company mainly dealt with vehicles at that time, technical staff were a little confused, but accepted the request as it was for the benefit of local residents. Then, using technical skills developed over the years, they accomplished the repair perfectly!
Based on this experience, the company has taken a new step forward in accordance with one of its current management philosophies, “We will be a company that contributes to the local community through manufacturing.” It has now set up the Steel Division to support the lives of the local community as a way of embodying its management philosophy, and to conduct activities in line with the SDGs.


The members of the SDGs Committee (consisting of 7 employees) in an enthusiastic discussion

SDGs initiatives to treat them as not somebody else’s problem

Toyo Plant Company is working on the SDGs with the ideas of “making people who think they have nothing to do with the SDGs interested in them” and “continuity is important.” To continue and promote the three themes of “strengthening the organizational structure,” “protecting the environment,” and “improving the working environment” within the company, the company strives to achieve the SDGs, including <8: Decent work and economic growth> through the concerted efforts of all employees, aided by receiving hints from external instructors rather than working on its own.
In the 5S (sorting, setting in order, shining, standardizing and sustaining the discipline) efforts, as shown in the photo, storage spaces that match the width of the instruments are created to ensure that they are put back in the same place. We think that managing things carefully can reduce unnecessary consumption and production, which will result in less wasteful consumption of goods and energy. While it is important for each individual to be conscious of this, the company also places emphasis on creating an environment to encourage such efforts.


Do you take good care of things?

New business that opens up the future

As interviewers, we found it very impressive that the company will focus on the use of a portable micro hydro-power generation system (*) that utilizes the wastewater generated at the factory as its future initiative. This hydro-power generation system, which reuses water discarded at the factory, is currently under development, and we will monitor the progress of the plan and sincerely hope for its success. If we, as students, can provide any support, we will do so by disseminating information via SNS. We are convinced that information dissemination via SNS will definitely be a major driving force in promoting, continuing and developing the SDGs. If we can publicize the existence of this hydro-power generation system that utilizes wastewater to Hiroshima, or even throughout Japan, we can make the world a better place from our hometown.
(*) Movable hydro-power generator


The passion for the SDGs will not be interrupted.

We conducted interviews!

IKEDA Kana (2nd year student, Yasuda Women’s University)

KOHARA Takamasa (1st year student, Eikei University of Hiroshima)

Toyo Plant Company

1-2-37 Higashi Teshiro-cho, Fukuyama City



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