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Hiroshima for Global Peace

1. China ■Nuclear-Weapon State

Nuclear Disarmament

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Change compared to the Hiroshima Report 2019: -1

China, which is the only NWS that has not reduced its nuclear arsenals, possessing approximately 290 nuclear warheads, has promoted active modernization programs for its nuclear forces (particularly, ICBMs and SLBMs). It has not signed the TPNW. Beijing reiterated that the US- Russian significant reductions of nuclear weapons would be a condition for participating in multilateral negotiations on nuclear weapons reductions, and hence it would not participate in nuclear arms control negotiations between the three countries at least at the present time. While China has not yet ratified the CTBT, establishing the stations for international monitoring system (IMS) has gradually advanced. China continues not to declare a moratorium on production of fissile material for nuclear weapons. It has declared no first use of nuclear weapons and the unconditional negative security assurance. While arguing the importance of transparency in intention, China has maintained the least transparency about nuclear weapon capabilities among the NWS. It submitted a national report to the 2019 NPT PrepCom.

Nuclear Non-Proliferation

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Change compared to the Hiroshima Report 2019: 0

China acceded to the IAEA Additional Protocol, in which no provision for complementary access visits is stipulated. It has announced to take efforts to strengthen implementation of sanction measures vis-à-vis North Korea under the UN Security Council Resolutions, as well as its export- control mechanisms. Questions remain as to whether China is conducting adequate and strict implementation, however. China has also been criticized for exporting two nuclear power reactors to Pakistan, which may constitute a violation of the NSG guidelines.

Nuclear Security

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Change compared to the Hiroshima Report 2019: 0

China has ratified all nuclear security-related conventions and has also advanced legislation based on INFCIRC/225/Rev.5. China has also shown its willingness to actively strengthen nuclear security, including international cooperation to minimize the use of HEU and the establishment of a Nuclear Security Technical Cooperation Center with the IAEA.

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