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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Hiroshima Junior International Forum(For Foreign High School Students) “The 6th Hiroshima Junior International Forum (Online)”

Hiroshima Junior International Forum (December, 2020)

Invite foreign high school students and Japanese high school students to think about international peace, share ideas, deepen mutual understanding, and spread a message of peace around the world in order to bring about a world without nuclear weapons. Application for foreign high school students are closed. Thank you very much for application!

Please refer to


August 17(Tue)to August 20(Fri) ,2021


Web Conference System (Online)


What can we do to bring about international peace?

(Initiatives toward the abolition of nuclear weapons, reconstruction and peacebuilding)

Schedule (tentative)


Program Details

August 17(Tue)

Orientation, “Teambuilding” Workshop

 Atomic Bomb Survivor’s Testimony

Online Guided Tour of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Lecture and Group Discussion on “Abolition of Nuclear Weapons”

Lecture and Group Discussion on “Reconstruction & Peace Building”

Draft the “Hiroshima Declaration”

August 18(Wed)

August 19(Thu)

August 20(Fri)

Present the “Hiroshima Declaration” 


Participation fee


Number of participants:

Foreign high school students               20 people

We will give priority to high school students from regions with which Hiroshima Prefecture has friendship agreements, namely:

Sichuan, (P.R. China); Hawaii, (USA); Guanajuato, (Mexico) 


 (Reference) Other participants

・Japanese high school students    40 people


Application period

Applications must be received by Monday, May 31, 2021.


Requirements for application:

(1) Youth under 18 years old (preferably high school students)

(2) Have not previously participated in this forum

(3) Highly interested in realizing international peace (the abolition of nuclear weapons)

(4) Have internet access for communication at  your residence

(5) Can actively participate in discussions in English

(6) Can join in group activities according to the program

(7) Must attend the entire program 

(8) Highly motivated to make use of the experiences of this program to participate in international exchanges and local activities as well as to spread a message of peace through social media. In addition, be able to report to Hiroshima Prefecture regarding these activities, 6 months after the end of the Forum.


How to apply (* Application is closed)

(1)The application form must be submitted to the address below(refer to  13) by post or by email to the International Affairs Office, Hiroshima Prefectural Government.

Application Form

(2)You can download the application form the Hiroshima Prefectural Government’s website.

* The office will carefully manage any personal information submitted, and will use such information only within the objectives of this program.

By Post

International Affairs Division, Hiroshima Prefectural Government

10-52 Motomachi, Nakaku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, 730-8511, Japan

By Online

The member registration is necessary to apply by online form. If you cannot register, please send it by e-mail (


Selection process

(1) Selection of participants:

After an examination of the application documents, participants will be chosen.

The results of the selection will be sent to all applicants.

(2) Revocation of participant status:

Even after being selected, if a chosen participant at any time performs an action unbecoming of a participant or if a serious health issue arises, their status as a participant may be revoked.


International Affairs Division, Hiroshima Prefectural Government

10-52 Motomachi, Nakaku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, 730-8511, Japan


TEL: +81-82- 513-2361  FAX: +81-82-228-1614







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Inquiries about this page

International Affairs Division, Hiroshima Prefectural Government

Street address:10-52, Motomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima-ken, 730-8511



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