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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Letʼs make Orizuru (paper crane)

Children’s Peace Monument

Let’s make Orizuru!

A millions of paper cranes are offered each year from all over the world. SASAKI Sadako, who fought against leukemia caused by the atomic bombing, continued to fold orizuru, wishing for her recovery. Her story has spread around the world. People fold orizuru to wish for peace.


We introduce how to fold Orizuru.



Fold the corner to meet the other corner to make a triangle.




Fold the triangle again.




Open up the triangle and fold it down to make a square.



Fold the same for the other side.



Fold the right flap and left flap towards the center and fold top towards the bottom and unfold the flaps and top.



Open up a square and fold using the creases you just made.



Do the same thing for the other side.



Fold towards the center. And fold the same thing for the other side.



Open up the side and fold it up.



Fold the same thing for the other side.



Fold the end of the one side to make a head. Finish!

Peace Study

Column:Yoko and Sadako: Children under the mushroom cloud

Introduce two girls story. The atomic bombing of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, instantly changed their lives forever.

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Letʼs make a crane shaped mini envelope!

It’s a cute mini envelope of cranes that can be used as an accessory case or be displayed.

Letʼs make a crane shaped mini envelope!

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