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Hiroshima for Global Peace

SDGs: Goal 10What is SDGs?: Goal 10. Reduce inequality within and among countries

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were formally adopted on 25 September 2015 by United Nations General Assembly.

What is each goal of SDGs and our initiatives to achieve the goal?

Goal 10. Reduce inequality within and among countries


10.1 By 2030, progressively achieve and sustain income growth of the bottom 40 per cent of the population at a rate higher than the national average
10.2 By 2030, empower and promote the social, economic and political inclusion of all, irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status
10.3 Ensure equal opportunity and reduce inequalities of outcome, including by eliminating discriminatory laws, policies and practices and promoting appropriate legislation, policies and action in this regard
10.4 Adopt policies, especially fiscal, wage and social protection policies, and progressively achieve greater equality
10.5 Improve the regulation and monitoring of global financial markets and institutions and strengthen the implementation of such regulations
10.6 Ensure enhanced representation and voice for developing countries in decision-making in global international economic and financial institutions in order to deliver more effective, credible, accountable and legitimate institutions
10.7 Facilitate orderly, safe, regular and responsible migration and mobility of people, including through the implementation of planned and well-managed migration policies
10.a Implement the principle of special and differential treatment for developing countries, in particular least developed countries, in accordance with World Trade Organization agreements
10.b Encourage official development assistance and financial flows, including foreign direct investment, to States where the need is greatest, in particular least developed countries, African countries, small island developing States and landlocked developing countries, in accordance with their national plans and programmes
10.c By 2030, reduce to less than 3 per cent the transaction costs of migrant remittances and eliminate remittance corridors with costs higher than 5 per cent


Hiroshima's initiative for SDGs

SDGs and Business with an Eye on the Future

Hiroshima Prefecture created a booklet compiled and introduced as a collection of leading examples of SDGs business by local companies in Hiroshima. Hiroshima Prefecture aims to promote the SDGs business through these kind of initiatives.

SDGs and Business with an Eye on the Future

Company's initiative

Kotobuki Solution Co., Ltd.

Information technology society without a digital divide Implementation of measures to make many people smile and feel happier

Kotobuki Solution Co., Ltd.

Higashi Hiroshima Taxi Co., Ltd.

Tax/Bus Business for Community Service

Higashi Hiroshima Taxi Co., Ltd.

What is SDGs?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal goals that every countries take action to end poverty, protect the planet and improve the lives and prospects of everyone, everywhere. SDGs are composed of 17 Goals and 169 Targets and the pledge to leave no one behind.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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