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Toyo Koatsu Co., Ltd.

Resource extraction from waste materials at high pressure —Effective use of resources—

Resource extraction at high pressure

Toyo Koatsu Co., Ltd. develops products and implements measures that contribute to addressing environmental issues. One such product is “Marugoto Ekisu (Total Extraction),” a super-high-pressure treatment unit. With this unit, extracts are produced from materials under a hydrostatic pressure of 100 MPa. This extraction technology was developed in Hiroshima Prefecture. Toyo Koatsu Co., Ltd. has made it possible to provide this technology at low cost. With this treatment unit, a pressure as high as 100 MPa is applied to waste, such as non-standard farm and marine products, that cannot be sold on the market, and non-standard food products produced in the manufacturing process, to produce extracts that can be reused. These extracts are used as ingredients in seasonings and beverages. The treatment unit enables us to reuse waste that has been disposed of, helping us to use resources effectively.

SDG-oriented features

At present, a large amount of industrial waste is being produced in Japan. The creation of production systems, such as “Marugoto Ekisu,” which converts waste into reusable material, and the consumption of products made by these systems ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Toyo Koatsu Co., Ltd.

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