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Tsuneishi Kamtecs Corporation

From waste treatment to recycling
Incineration ash into construction materials, incineration energy into electricity

Construction materials produced from recycled incineration ash, etc.

Tsuneishi Kamtecs Corporation is engaged in the treatment of mainly cinders and other particulate materials from industrial waste and household waste, as well as waste oil and water from ships. With its strong technological expertise and high-level facilities, the company recycles waste after detoxifying hazardous substances contained in the waste. The company also generates electricity using incineration heat collected in the form of vapor as energy. The company’s technology development department and research department conduct research on waste application technology. Its research projects include the use of incineration ash as construction materials and artificial sand, and the production of recycled oil for fuel from waste oil and water generated from ships. Through these efforts, Tsuneishi Kamtecs contributes to sustainable production and consumption.

SDG-oriented features

Tsuneishi Kamtecs’s recycling business and electricity power generation business using its strong technology and high-level facilities contribute to achieving sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Tsuneishi Kamtecs Corporation

Address: 107-5, Minooki-cho, Fukuyama City




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