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Hiroshima for Global Peace

one dream Incorporated



One Dream: Connecting the World with Art


Around the venue of One Dream on August 5, the day before the Peace Memorial Ceremony

Taking over the operation of the peace concert on August 5 in front of the Atomic Bomb Dome, which started in 1998, “one dream Incorporated” has organized the peace event One Dream since 2015.
Many people unconsciously build barriers between themselves and others who have different backgrounds or ways of thinking related to languages, classes, thought and religions. Selecting the Atomic Bomb Dome and Miyajima, both of which are world-renowned tourist sites, as venues, the organization introduces various expressive activities by people both from Japan and the world, such as SDG-themed art workshops, music performances, talk shows, art displays and peace-building activities at exhibition booths and other spots. By this, the organization aims to provide people from various areas with opportunities to experience diverse sets of values in Hiroshima, the global peace hub, and encourages them to break every barrier and sympathize with one another.
At the same time, by promoting this SDG-based event through cooperation among the governments, businesses, performers and visitors, the organization aims to achieve “Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals.”

SDG-oriented features

To make the SDGs widely known, I had thought that it was necessary to have people understand the concept of the SDGs first. However, after interviewing “one dream,” I have changed my mind and realized that the concept of the SDGs was so simple. Whether or not we understand the SDGs, our actions for others in everyday life have already contributed to the achievement of the SDGs. Through its activities, “one dream” can provide many people with confidence that their actions contribute, if only a little, to the achievement of the SDGs.

one dream Incorporated
2F Nobori Kaikan, 3-1 Hatchobori, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City

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